Acoustic Ductwrap and Pipe Lagging

Tecsound Acoustic Ductwrap is a tri-layer soundproofing membrane for acoustically insulating drain pipes, waste pipes, air conditioning ducts and other types of noisy pipework.

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€ 179.00

€ 25.01 per m2

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Tecsound FT55 AL is a soundproofing ductwrap and acoustic pipe laggig composite made up of a porous felt laminated to a high density polymer, asphalt free synthetic soundproofing membrane. It provides the best acoustic insulation for pipes and conduits. FT55 is faced with reinforced aluminium foil on its outer side. Can give up to 25dB sound reduction on pipework.


• Increases acoustic insulation of the ducting or pipework to which it is applied, through the presence of an absorbent element and a highly elastic dense insulating membrane
• High sound damping capacity on metal surfaces
• High flexible  and easy to apply
• Adaptable to uneven and irregular surfaces
• Roll Size - 5.5m x 1.2m x 12.5mm (6.6m2)
• Cold and heat resistant
• Excellent ageing resistance
• Rotproof


• Soundproofing of PVC sewage and waste pipes
• Soundproofing of air conditioning ducts
• Soundproofing of industrial pipework
• Jacketing of pumps
• Ship and boat engine room insulation


ColourYellow and Silver
Thermal conductivity coefficient (λ)0.037