Mustwall 33B for Party Walls

Direct to wall 33mm thick sound insulation panel, composed of a 20mm-thick acoustic panel and a 12.5mm thick plasterboard slab.

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33mm thick acoustic insulation panels, composed of a 20mm-thick acoustic panel and a 12.5mm thick plasterboard slab. The soundproofing panels are 1.00m wide x 1.20m high. Mustwall 33B is designed for use when space is at a premium - remember you only lose 50mm in total when the complete system is installed.

Key Features

  • Complete acoustic upgrade system at a minimum loss of space
  • Fit directly to the existing wall
  • Complete system is less than 50mm thick
  • Eco-friendly product - made from recycled rubber
  • Recyclable
  • Easy to install in new or existing interiors, and can be cut to size
  • Ideal for soundproofing party walls in rooms, halls and stair areas where space or lack of space is an issue

Party Wall Soundproofing Mustwall 33B





Installation Instructions

1. Lay strip of Stywall 45 Acoustic Isolation Strip on floor.
2. Fix Mustwall 33B to the existing wall using Mustwall plastic fixings.
3. Fix strips of Stywall 45 to Mustwall 33B as per data sheet.
4. Fix layer of 12.5mm plasterboard to Mustwall 33B using Fix All adhesive.
5. Stagger the joints between the two layers.
6. Leave a 5mm gap around walls and fill with acoustic sealant.
7. The wall can be finished by plaster skimming or as desired.
8. Skirting board should be fixed with glue or plasterboard screws. If using screws ensure that they do not bridge the insulation layer.
9. Leave a gap between skirting board and the floor.
10. This gap can be filled with acoustic sealant.

Mustwall 33B on 215mm Block Party Wall

Standard 215mm Block Party Wall

Mustwall 33B on Block party wall

Using the Mustwall 33B thin wall soundproofing system an Rw figure of 59dB can be achieved based on a standard 215mm block party wall. The system is easy to fit - requiring very liitle DIY experience.