Soundproofing FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions


At Shush, we have compiled and answered a list of frequently asked soundproofing questions. If you have a soundproofing question that isn’t listed here, get in touch and we will add it to our site along with a comprehensive answer.

What is Soundproofing?

Soundproofing is blocking or reducing noise from entering your home, work or other premises or preventing noise leaving your building. In practical terms, soundproofing is using products and techniques to reduce or absorb noise and sounds.

Soundproofing is therefore related to noise and noise reduction.

How does Soundproofing work?

Soundproofing works in one of three ways; blocking noise, stopping sound vibrations or by absorbing sound. When soundproofing, you can use materials to block, stop or absorb sound and noise.

Soundproofing can block noise from entering a property or room or it can work to block noise from leaving a room or premises. Sound reduction is also an effective technique where complete soundproofing isn’t possible.

You can read more about soundproofing, what it is and how you can implement it on our, ‘Soundproofing – What is it?’ post on our site here.

And you can browse our wall soundproofing, floor soundproofing, ceiling soundproofing and other soundproofing products.

What is sound absorption? And what is sound insulation? And is there a difference?

This is a question that we get asked a lot and there is a simple explanation.

In Sound absorption, materials are used to minimise the reflection of airborne sound by converting sound energy to heat through a frictional process in the absorber.

In Sound insulation, materials are used to minimise the transmission of airborne sound, e.g. from one room to another via a sound insulating wall.

If you would like to learn more about both techniques, please read our blog on this topic.

Can you soundproof a party wall?

The answer is yes, you can soundproof a party wall. We offer a full range of wall soundproofing products that can be used to soundproof a party wall. And we have created a full blog which explains the process of soundproofing a party wall.