Tecsound SY100 for Stud Walls


Tecsound SY100 is a heavy duty version of our Tecsound SY70 product. It is a dense, polymer-based, asphalt-free, viso-elastic soundproofing membrane, that provides excellent acoustic insulation in different building elements particularly stud walls and partitions. Its self-adhesive backing which will bond to a wide variety of surfaces. Tecsound 100 weighs 10kg per m2 at only 5.5mm thickness.


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Tecsound SY100 acoustic membrane is a heavy duty self adhesive soundproofing product used in lightweight walls and ceilings. It’s unique visco-elastic properties combined with high mass provides excellent sound insulation properties. Whether you’re soundproofing a recording studio, home theater, or office space, Tecsound S100 offers a flexible and reliable solution. Its self-adhesive backing ensures easy installation, providing a seamless and efficient soundproofing experience. Use Tecsound SY100 as a sandwich layer between two layers of plasterboard, OSB or Plywood to greatly improve soundproofing performance. Tecsound SY100 acoustic membrane weighs 10kg per m2 at only 5.5mm thickness. 4.8m2 per roll. Also available in a lighter 7.0kg version.



• 10kg weight per m2
• Self adhesive – particularly suitable for vertical and overhead situations
• Adds mass to surfaces thus increasing sound insulation
• High sound damping capacity on metal surfaces
• High flexibility
• Adaptable to uneven and irregular surfaces
• Easy to apply
• Cold and heat resistant
• Excellent ageing resistance
• Rotproof



• Soundproofing against airborne noise in vertical walls with low surface density (lightweight partition walls or boards made of different materials).
• Soundproofing against airborne noise in ceilings and lightweight roofs
• Reduction of impact noise level in all types of floors, sandwiched between floor slabs and loose-laid flooring.
• Damping of impact noise caused by rain or hail on metal decks.
• Combined with sound-absorbent materials, it offers products with high acoustic performance.
• Can be used to dampen resonance on the thin metal bodywork of cars and other types of machinery.


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How to Install Tecsound SY100 on a Stud Wall

How to Install Tecsound SY100 on a Stud Wall

  • Remove the Tecsound SY100 from it’s packaging and roll out.
  • Measure your wall height and cut the Tecsound to size.
  • Remove the protection layer and expose the adhesive from the top 20cm.
  • Position the Tecsound SY100 at the top of the wall and press firmly into place.
  • At the same time pull the protection layer from the back and press firmly as you go down the wall.
  • Repeat this until you have the wall covered with Tecsound. Butt joints together.
  • Fix plasterboard to the wall with screws and leave a 5mm gap around the perimeter.
  • Fill gap with acoustic sealant.
  • Tape & joint to finish.