Mustwall Party Wall Soundproofing System

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Mustwall is a 10mm thick, high performance acoustic sound insulation panel used as a component in high performance masonry party wall soundproofing.

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The Mustwall party wall soundproofing system is perfect for use in residential or commercial buildings where soundproofing needs to be improved to a very high level. Whether your house or office is timber frame or block built, different treatments or build ups can be used to achieve significant increases in acoustic insulation. Using the Mustwall system, space lost from a room can be minimised. Below, soundproofing using Mustwall and both a timber and metal stud are illustrated along with their associated acoustic performances.

Mustwall Party Wall Soundproofing example

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How To Fit

How To Fit

1. Lay strip of Stywall Acoustic Wall Isolation Strip on the floor.
2. Construct a 50mm metal stud or 75mm timber stud wall independent of the existing party wall.
3. You should ensure that no part of the new stud touches the face of the party wall.
4. Fill inside the stud with a high density mineral wool (60kg/m3). This material is commonly available from most builders merchants.
5. Fix the Mustwall Soundproofing Panels to the timber frame. You can either apply a single or a double layer.
6. The Mustwall panels should be butted tightly together and sealed duct tape.
7. Trim the Stywall Isolation Strip to meet the extent of the Mustwall panels.
8. Next up, fix two layers of standard 12.5mm plasterboard. Stagger the joints between the two layers.
9. Leave a 5mm gap around the perimeter of the wall and fill this with Acoustic Sealant.
11. The soundproofed wall can be finished by plaster skimming or as desired.
12. Skirting board should can be fixed with a panel adhesive or plasterboard screws.
13. Leave a gap between skirting board and the floor and fill with acoustic sealant.