Hushboard / Quietspace Acoustic Tiles

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Self adhesive acoustic absorption tile. 600mm x 600mm x 12mm thick. 6 tiles per box.

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This unique product is a 12 mm thick, self adhesive acoustic absorption tile which allows designers to create attractive, quieter interiors. Quietspace (formally known as HushBoard) is not only designed to absorb sound, it can also be used as a display board because this product is pin, staple and velcro receptive and with it’s unique felt surface it self covers any unsightly holes. Quietspace Peel N’ Stick Tiles have quickly become the market leader for cost effective, environmentally friendly reverberation control. As Quietspace Peel N’ Stick Tiles are free from other materials, it can also be recycled at the end of its life. Available in 600mm x 600mm self adhesive tiles and in a range of different colours Quietspace Peel N’ Stick Tiles allow designers creative freedom with modular use of colour.

Key Benefits
Acoustically rated to NRC 0.40, proven to reduce noise levels by 40%
Pin, staple and ‘hook & loop’ receptive, allowing the material to be used as a display board
Highly durable, easily cleaned and resistant to staining
High impact resistance
Non-toxic and non-irritating
Made from 100% polyester fibre (including already recycled fibres)
Resistant to the dust mites and bacteria that trigger asthma and other allergies
Non curl, stays flat on wall
Recyclable and environmentally friendly
Resistant to fading
Safe, non-toxic and non-irritant
Does not absorb moisture and will not deteriorate over time, providing long-term stability and performance
Easy to install in new or existing interiors, and can be cut to shapes
BB93 compliant (UK & Northern Ireland)
Excellent thermal insulator

Typical Applications
Call Centres
Music Rooms

Additional Information
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