Fireseal Acoustic Foam

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Fireseal is a class 0 fire retardant acoustic foam. It is typically used in air conditioning equipment, ducting, acoustic enclosures, generators, engine bays, automotive and marine applications. 25mm thick with a self adhesive backing.

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Fireseal Acoustic Foam

Fireseal is a Class 0, highly modified, flexible, open celled polyurethane acoustic foam
offering excellent sound absorption characteristics, whilst meeting the test criteria of some
of the highest fire resistant testing standards. it is now classified to European standard EN
13501 B-s1,d0 along with BS476 pt6 & pt7 Class 0 & UL94 V-O.

It is a chemically inert product. It will not dust or migrate when subjected to air movement,
its flexibility offers easy application to curved or complex surfaces and can be readily cut or
pressed into a variety of desired shapes, being available in roll or sheet form. Various
multi-functional substrates are available, including self-adhesive backing, to further assist
in the scope of application.

Fireseal Acoustic Foam is used in many industries including heating, ventilation and air
conditioning (HVAC), marine acoustics, original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and the
building & construction industry.

Key Features
Size – 1m x 1m x 25mm
Self Adhesive backing
Can be easily cut and shaped to suit your surface
NRC – 0.45

Type of material – Open cell impregnated PU foam
Density  > 90 kg/m3
Operating temperature – From -30° C to +100°C

Fire Resistance
EN 13501-1 Euro Class* B-s1,d0
BS 476 Part 6 Fire Propagation Index* <12
BS 476 Part 7 Surface Spread of flame* Class 1
Building Regulations Paragraph A13 (b)* Class 0
UL94 Classification 94-V-0

Additional Information
Weight7.0 kg
Dimensions2.5 × 100.0 × 100.0 cm







2.25kg per m2


90kg per m3


Black, Dark Grey

Sound Absorption


Fire Rating

EN 13501-1 Euro Class – B-s1,d0, Class 0