Acoustic Foam

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Shush Acoustic Foam is a self adhesive acoustic panel for the control of reverberation time and echo in rooms, podcasting studios, home studios, recording studios, water pumps etc. Acoustic Foam is ideal for controlling mid to high frequencies and sound reflections particularly in recording environments. 

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Acoustic Foam

Acoustic foam is a self adhesive, wave profiled, flexible, polyurethane acoustic absorption material. The foam panels are 40mm thick with a 20mm base and 20mm pyramid. Shush panels are an excellent means of controlling medium to high frequencies and reflections that help remove echo and control reverberation. It has a self adhesive backing and has a wide range of applications such as in industrial environments, recording studios, podcasting studios, the soundproofing of air conduits, firing ranges, the internal lining of engine compartments, sounds enclosures, silencers, sound-proofed cabins, ventilation equipment, motor vehicles etc.

Acoustic foam can be used as an effective means of controlling sound from household water pumps and it can also be used in the rear loading area of vans to reduce internal noise levels and road noise levels.

The acoustic foam tile has an “egg crate” style that increases the surface area which in turn maximises the surface area for absorbing those unwanted frequencies.


Acoustic Foam Key Features

– Size – 1m x 1m x 40mm
– Self adhesive – no need for glue
– Can be easily cut and shaped to suit your surface
– An economical method of acoustic absorption within a room
– Good performance over the acoustic spectrum
– Lightweight



– Type of material – Open cell polyether foam
– Density – 27/30 kg/m3
– Thermal conductivity – 0.036 W/mK
– Mid to dark grey in colour
– Resistance to temperature – From -30° C to +110°C
– Reaction to fire – Meets the requirements of Schedule 1 Part 1 (Ignition test for polyurethane – foam in slab or cushion form) of The Furniture and Furnishings (fire) (safety) Regulations 1988

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