How do you soundproof a party wall?

How do you soundproof a party wall?

When you are soundproofing a party wall in a semi detached house the optimal solution is to construct an independent soundproofed wall. However, this will result in a loss of space of between 100mm – 125mm (4 -5 inches). In today’s houses and apartments this is often not an option. Mustwall 33B is designed to reduce the transmission of airborne sound with the minimum loss of room space. Using Mustwall 33B the whole system will take up less than 50mm!

Mustwall 33B on Party Wall

Mustwall 33B on a 215mm Block Wall

Rw (Airborne Sound Transmission Loss) – 59dB

Using the Mustwall 33B thin wall soundproofing system an Rw figure of 59dB can be achieved based on a standard 215mm block party wall. This will typically be an improvement of around 8-10dB on your existing wall. The human ear would equate this to a perceived improvement of around 50% in airborne transmitted sound from your neighbours.

The system is easy to fit – requiring very little DIY experience. See below…..

How do you install the Mustwall 33B Party Wall Soundproofing System?

  • Lay strip of the Stywall Acoustic Bearing on the floor.
  • Fix Mustwall 33B to the existing wall using mushroom fixings (5 per panel) leaving a 5mm gap at the sides and at the ceiling.
  • Fill gap with acoustic sealant.
  • Fix layer of 12.5mm plasterboard to Mustwall 33B using Seal and Fix adhesive. Stagger the joints between the two layers.
  • Leave a 5mm gap at the sides and at the ceiling.
  • Fill gap with acoustic sealant.
  • You can then plaster or tape & joint your wall.

The Mustwall 33B party wall soundproofing system helps reduce everyday noise, that should not normally be heard, i.e. speech radio and television sound. Excessive loud music and low frequency noise will still be audible although its overall intensity will be reduced. These situations are better suited to our independent wall soundproofing system.