Roll Underscreed Acoustic Flooring

Roll is a very effective impact sound insulation mat designed for use under floating floors and screeds. The rolls are quick and easy to lay before the screed is poured and has a self adhesive border seam enabling installation. 5mm or 7mm thickness available

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€ 35.00

€ 7.00 per m²

  • 5mm
  • 7mm

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Roll is produced using rubber fibres and granules compacted using a hot process on a layer of a blue synthetic fabric. Roll is manufactured from 98% recycled materials ensuring a low environmental impact. The unique distribution of rubber granules on the floor ensures excellent elasticity making Roll 5 ideal for impact noise reduction.

Roll 5 Acoustic Flooring Underscreed Mat


Thickness5mm or 7mm
Impact sound reduction improvement (ΔLw)24dB - 5mm / 26dB - 7mm
Thermal conductivity coefficient (λ)0.099