STP Anticor G Car & Van Sound Deadening

Anticor G is an advanced sound deadening material with anti-rust properties for use in cars, vans, SUVs and Trucks. 2.3mm thick. 4.0kg per m². HIgh quality professional grade product.

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Anticor G is a self-adhesive, flexible, elastic vibro-dampening material for vehicles. It is a multilayer combination that consists of an aluminum foil as well as a polymeric layer on a base of butyl rubber. It is 2.3mm thick and has a weight of 4.0kg per m². The material is water resistant and can with stand temperatures from 45oc below zero to 100oc above zero.

The polymeric layer on the base of butyl rubber allows for easy mounting of the material to the car surface and has no hazardous solvents. Anticor G is easily adhered to any complex surface and does not need to be heated while being placed.

Use in cars, camper vans, jeeps, trucks and vans.

Use on doors, bonnet, roof, floor, boot and bulk head.

Pack Sizes
10 sheets of 75cm x 50cm (3.75m²)
4 sheets of 75cm x 50cm (1.50m²)
8 sheets of 38cm x 27cm (0.82m²)


Mechanical Loss Factor0.40