STP VBT Sound Absorber

VBT is a multilayer sound absorber and heat insulator for use on floor of cabin interior, boot floor and boot lid.

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VBT is a multi-layered combination of polyethylene foam and polymer-bitumen composite, this material does not have a self-adhesive layer. This material is excellent for use on cabin floors, the unique structure of this material produces a triple effect – sound absorption, sound insulation and thermo insulation. This material does not have a self-adhesive layer on it as it is mounted with the aid of double sided tape (not supplied). Cleaning of surface is recommended.

Areas for Application
Passenger Compartment Floor and Boot Floor

Technical Specifications
Sound absorption: 80%
Thickness: 10 mm
Weight – 3 kg / m²
Flammability: 100 millimeters / minute
Working temperature range: -45°C to +100°C
Water resistance: 5%

3 sheets - 0.53m x  0.75m (1.193 m2)


Weight3.5kg per m2